Mary Ruefle was born in Pennsylvania in 1952.  She is the author of the books listed here.  This website has been designed to allow readers to experience her erasure books, which can otherwise not be seen as they are old, friable, one-of-kind things.  It is also a way for prospective collectors and buyers to preview the books without handling.  The books will be changed eventually.

A full color facsimile of one of the erasure books, Incarnation of the Now, is now available at


    Dunce, Wave Books, 2019

    My Private Property, Wave Books, 2016

    Trances of the Blast, Wave Books, 2013

    Madness, Rack, and Honey, Wave Books, 2012

    Selected Poems, Wave Books, 2010

   The Most Of It, Wave Books, 2008

   Go Home and Go To Bed, Pilot Books / Orange Table Comics, 2007

   Indeed I Was Pleased With The World, Carnegie Mellon, 2007

   A Little White Shadow, Wave Books, 2006

   Tristimania, Carnegie Mellon, 2004

   Among The Musk Ox People, Carnegie Mellon, 2002

   Apparition Hill, CavanKerry Press, 2002

   Post Meridian, Carnegie Mellon, 2000

   Cold Pluto, Carnegie Mellon, 1996

   The Adamant, University of Iowa Press, 1989

   Life Without Speaking, University of Alabama Press, 1987

   Memling’s Veil, University of Alabama Press, 1982

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